Save the Waves, Stop the Straws

Jaden Stahl, Editor-in-Chief

December 12, 2019

Whether it was your daily trip to Starbucks or the last drink you ordered at a restaurant, chances are you received a plastic straw. But did you think of the consequences before you threw it away?  According to the Trash Free Seas Alliance,...

Super-Earth: The Second Chance for Future Generations

Daley Coats, Copy Editor

December 12, 2019

A new Earth has been discovered: Is this a second chance of life for humanity? The new planet that has been identified outside the solar system is approximately thirty-one light-years away, and is twice the size of Earth and ...

Students Prepare to Graduate Early

Jasmine Womack, Staff

December 12, 2019

The opportunity for early graduation was first offered to students at FZN in 1982.  The requirements students must fulfill in order to apply for early graduation include: Complete at least one year of academic enroll...