Hollywood’s Bleeding

Hanna Donnelly, Staff

Post Malone does it again with an awesome album that includes collaborations with many popular artists like DaBaby, Future, Halsey, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Ozzy Osborne, Travis Scott, SZA, Swae Lee, and Young Thug. The album itself was released on September 6th, 2019 by Republic Records under hip hop/rap. 

The first track on the album is “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” The start of the song utilizes a slow melody and melts into Malone’s voice and sounds acoustic in a way with not much music for the first minute. His voice is full of wanting to be heard by the audience saying “Hollywood’s bleeding but we call it home.” The song is very dramatic in a good way when you can hear his voice strained to emphasize his point. It makes you feel like you’re gasping for air at the end with all of the different beat changes, from his voice being the only thing, to the ambiance in the back behind his words, to the upbeat tempo after he calls his constant pain home. The way the lyrics are worded makes you think that he is saying that people never look at him more than a bank account and how he feels played but he’s so used to it that he calls it home.

“Saint-Tropez” is the second song and with it comes an energetic beat to emphasize Malone’s lyrics. The beat itself has a slow, high bass vibe. Malone talks about his wealth and how it changes him. He talks about the brands he wears and how hard he worked to get to where he is now and how long he’s waited to give himself the life he has now. 

The third track is “Enemies,” and features DaBaby. This song describes how Malone feels about having his friends doubting his future success by telling him that he would never make it, but how his friends asked for help after he made a successful career for himself, and how he wishes it was different, but they made their choices. However, he still wishes the best for them.

“Circles” is the sixth track. This song has a happier melody to it, but uses sad words to contradict the cheeriness, discussing how he is in a relationship that is slightly toxic but he can’t help but go in circles. He tells the girl to run away from the relationship but they keep going around the same thing, saying that he’s waiting for her to go because it’s not good for either of them.  He’ll be the bad guy if he needs to be. 

The song following is “Die For Me” featuring Future and Halsey. Post Malone discusses how a girl in a relationship was saying that she would die for him and he had a really bad feeling she was lying.  Her friends sold her out and told him the truth. Future describes how she was being treated so well and how now they aren’t on the best of terms. Halsey is describing how she found out what was going on by going through the guy’s phone, and how she is spilling all of their secrets. The three of their voices together with a loop of Halsey’s voice in the background is the perfect combination of pain and revenge in the album.

“Take What You Want” with Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott is close to perfection.  Osbourne starts off the song with a pain-filled verse of how a girl took his heart and left, saying ‘If you’re taking my heart, just take it all.’ Malone says, after Osbourne’s verse, that he needs to take a break and let his heart heal; he should have seen this coming. Scott then says that he was just continuously feeding into the lies and never saw the deceit coming. The song then returns to Ozzy Osbourne for his starting verse and then combining in Post Malone and Travis Scott’s voice along with his, and a guitar solo after with a shadowed voice of one Post Malone, at the end saying ‘just take what you want and go’.

“Goodbyes” with Young Thug explains how too much pleasure is pain and he just needs to take off the edge. He wants a girl out of his head because he wants to protect himself from hurt. She took his heart and decided that that’s not what she wanted after it was too late. Young Thug is saying how hurt he is from being back-stabbed and how he wants her back but he can’t do that to himself again.

As the last track on the album, “Wow” definitely makes the album go out with a bang. Malone describes how forgiving he was in the beginning and now he’s turning heartless. He makes his doubters say, ‘Wow’ as he shows them what he’s really about. He furthers his viewpoints by saying that he’s not going to listen to anyone anymore; he’s going to do things for himself and not worry about anyone else.