Construction continues at North

Jasmine Womack, Staff

The Fort is under construction for the 2019-2020 school year, and many students and staff will be affected during this time period.

“I think it’s safe to say that we are all being affected by the construction, but none more so than our teachers in the 300 hallway,” said the principal Mr. Joe Sutton. 

He went on to say that 30 teachers had to move parking spaces because of this work. One person directly affected by the construction is social studies teacher Mrs. Stacie Wulfert from the 300 hallway. She was 1 out of the 30 who lost a parking spot that was convenient to her room. Wulfert says she doesn’t mind, though, in fact, she is excited to see what the outcome of the addition will look like. 

According to Mr. Sutton, the building should be finished by May 29th, making it a 10-month job all together. He says the goal is to have it completely finished for the 20-21 school year. 

The new addition will entail approximately 14 new classrooms to be laid out in a horseshoe shape, similar to the current 300 hallway layout. 

Also as part of this project, there will be additional parking spaces as well as the renovation of a few of the current classrooms.

“North High will, no doubt, be a better place when these projects are complete,” said Sutton.

North High secretary, Mrs. Sara Hannar, sees how the construction impacts the parking situation.

“If we all just remain patient, it will serve us for the better in the long run,” said Hannar.

Some FZN students also had opinions on the construction and how it is affecting them. Mikaela Giuliano, senior, said that the construction disrupts her learning capabilities in class when the machinery is loud. 

“Overall, it has occasionally been annoying but not constantly,” said Guiliano. 

Another student, senior Aspen Singleton, has a more positive outlook on the situation. She said that she is excited to see what the new construction will do to North High. “This school needs more space, so I am happy about the new classrooms being added,” said Singleton.